303 Material Guard 16oz

303 Fabric Guard is the only product really helpful by and for Sunbrella, as nicely as other fabric manufacturers to restore lost water repellency to materials. 303 Fabric Guard creates a robust defend to tremendously improve repellency and shield towards oil and water- based mostly stains. Spray it on outside leather seats, boat covers, awnings, Dacron sails and more! When applied to scrub and dry materials, 303 Fabric Guard restores lost water and stain repellency to straight-from-the-factory ranges. Spray it on out of doors leather-based seats, boat covers, awnings, Dacron sails, and even outerwear. This professional-strength, ready-to-use method repels filth, grease, water, and oil-based stains for up to three years.

Outdoor materials include canvas convertible tops, biminis, and boating enclosures. 303 high tech material guard and 303 material guard are the same product. 303 high tech cloth guard protects all new or freshly cleaned material and carpet upholstery from water, soil, grease and sun damage for as a lot as a 12 months.

The drying time is 6-12 hours, depending on the temperature. This is a very great product for my ragtop on my S2000. Great for water proofing water beads nicely when used as directed. I was gonna use silicon spray but i heard that stuff builds up nonetheless it will water proof it and the silicon spray just isn’t arkansas tech finals schedule UV proof. Another precaution i might use while utilizing this product is to cover your glass home windows earlier than applying as these things builds up on windows and exhausting to return off.

303® High Tech Fabric Guard restores water repellency to covers, tops, canvas, biminis, boat interiors and material wet weather gear. A professional-strength, ready-to-use formulation repels filth, grease, water, and oil-based stains for as a lot as 3 years. Provides a double UV sunscreen for max fade protection.

If a product has been round for a substantial period of time and still has a high demand, it’s probably an excellent item. What you wish to do is, you want to apply to evenly horizontally and vertically. Not a lot; misting it on this fashion, misting it on this fashion so it adheres to the pores of the material, it’s very important.

This needs to be reapplied if the top is washed but each bottle provides two heavy purposes and three lite spritzed which covers me well for 2.5 years. This product causes your high to shed water wherever applied. The excessive demand for a specific 303 excessive tech cloth guardtm is an effective indication of its capability to fulfill the capabilities for which it was established.

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