Chapter 16 Lean Operations Flashcards

Suppliers feel that they would be less in danger in the event that they contracted with multiple customer. Suppliers are involved that clients will present frequent engineering changes with insufficient lead time to deal with them. Suppliers really feel that their processes are suited for bigger lot sizes than the customer desires. Suppliers are involved that frequent delivery of small portions is economically prohibitive. All of the above characterize JIT provider issues.

As a outcome, work-in-process should move prolonged distances between operations. There are a variety of evils with this. At first, relocation of components around the plant leads to unnecessary costs incurrence. Secondly, relocation leads ready time.

All of the JIT techniques for coping with suppliers, format, inventory, and scheduling are used in companies. Scheduling isn’t relevant to effective use of JIT in providers. All of the above are false. Produce in lengthy production runs to reduce the influence of setup prices. 21. B) produce in lengthy production runs to cut back the influence of setup prices.

10. JIT brings about competitive advantage by quicker response to the client regardless of cost. In a JIT system, product inspection adds value by figuring out faulty gadgets. The high quality administration tool called poka-yoke is not related to JIT systems. E) All of the above are attributes of lean operations. D) A “buyer” work center signals to the “supplier” workstation that more components are needed.

None of the above is true of a pull system. The corporations also spend less on raw supplies as a result of they buy only the amount of sources for making the merchandise ordered and nothing extra. Furthermore, this technique reduces costs by minimizing warehouse area requirements. Sum of all the task which structure can secrete a substance into the environment surrounding the body? times to make one unit of a product. Moving the manufacturing of goods or services from in-house to an external provider. If a casual dining restaurant is making an attempt to practice JIT and lean operations, which of the next would not be present.

A supervisor tells the operators to remain busy and begin producing elements for subsequent month. A “supplier” work heart signals the downstream workstation that a batch has been accomplished. A supervisor alerts to a quantity of work facilities that the manufacturing fee should be modified.

29) Explain how JIT works in services. After all, how does “small lot dimension” and “scale back setup price” make sense in services? Supply examples to… Which one of the following scenarios represents the use of a kanban to reduce inventories?

Characteristics of JIT partnerships with respect to suppliers embrace… The supplier workstation alerts the customer workstation as quickly as a batch is accomplished. 26. 22. Level scheduling means producing at a relentless rate, no matter buyer demands.

Which one of the following just isn’t a structure tactic in a JIT surroundings. Variability is manufacturing can occur as a end result of engineering drawings or specs are incomplete or inaccurate. You can keep away from inventory pitfalls by i… Competitive benefit and end in increased total returns. 32.

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