Examination 2 Geology Flashcards

Identify no a lot lower than 2 characteristics every for each waves. ScP is a wave that begins traveling in the direction of the middle of the Earth as an S wave. They travel as deep-water waves at speeds larger than surface seismic waves however slower than S waves. By learning does taco bell drug test the seismogram, the seismologist can inform how far-off the earthquake was and the way robust it was. This report doesn’t inform the seismologist precisely where the epicenter was, simply that the earthquake occurred so many miles or kilometers away from that seismograph.

The layering of the rocks and the physical properties of surface soil additionally affect wave characteristics. Generally talking, at increasing distance from the epicenter the wave amplitudes diminish as a outcome of anelastic attenuation , geometrical spreading , and power loss at interfaces . The anelastic attenuation is frequency-dependent so that high-frequency seismic signals attenuate rapidly and may be recorded solely by proper seismic devices positioned at comparatively quick epicentral distances. Waves that move close to or on the skin surface of the Earth rather than by way of the deep inside just like the faster P or S waves. Two principal kinds of floor waves, Love and Rayleigh waves, are generated during an earthquakes. Rayleigh waves trigger each vertical and horizontal ground movement, and Love waves trigger horizontal movement only.

Secondary body waves that oscillate the ground perpendicular to the direction of wave journey. Because liquids will not sustain shear stresses, S waves will not travel through liquids like water, molten rock, or the Earth’s outer core. S waves produce vertical and horizontal movement in the floor floor. They are named after A.E.H. Love, a British mathematician who created a mathematical model of the waves in 1911.

Better understanding of the assorted controls on microseism properties is necessary earlier than information in these waveforms can be utilized to deduce storm characteristics, especially for less-energetic storms. 1 25) Which one of the following statements about the crust is NOT true? C) Oceanic crust is enriched in potassium, sodium, and silicon. D) Continental rocks are compositionally different than oceanic rocks. The Richter scale measures the magnitude of an earthquake . It is measured utilizing a machine known as a seismometer which produces a seismograph.

Seismograms can record a lot of issues, and record many little waves, called microseisms.. These tiny microseisms can be brought on by heavy site visitors near the seismograph, waves hitting a seashore, the wind, and any variety of different ordinary issues that trigger some shaking of the seismograph. 1 5) Which one of many following is true concerning tsunamis? A) They travel as deep-water waves at speeds larger than surface seismic waves but slower than S waves. B) Their wave heights lower and wavelengths improve as they transfer into shallower water.

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