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There is a mortgage institution payment of $260 and a month-to-month account-keeping charge of $8 per month. Complete the following desk to calculate how a lot he still owes after 6 months. 14 Carla and Ian take out a personal loan of $ to furnish their home unit.

Calculate the areas then add them collectively. WORKED EXAMPLE 1 Find the world of every circle, correct to 1 decimal place. The flat interest rate is eight.6% and he or she takes the mortgage over 5 years. I Find the amount of interest charged. Ii Find the entire amount to be repaid.

Use these figures to estimate, correct to 2 decimal places, the probability that the subsequent household surveyed will use a liquid b tablets. 5 Dina surveys eighty college students from her college to learn the way they journey to highschool. Of these students, 28 journey by bus. A Estimate the probability that a student chosen at random travels to highschool by bus.

The terminal facet of θ in commonplace place accommodates each point. Find the exact values of the six trigonometric capabilities of θ. CRAFTS Stephan has a set of plans to build a picket box. He wants to scale back the quantity of the box to one hundred and five cubic inches. He want to cut back the length of each dimension in the plan by the identical quantity. The plans call for the box to be 10 inches by 8 inches by 6 inches.

Solution Bilal’s answer has 4 places of decimals (4 d.p.) so it’s extra correct than the measurements he took. Simplify the fraction and write it as a mixed quantity girl in lg g7 commercial. The lowest widespread a number of of 4 and 3 is 12, so use 12 because the common denominator.

6 A rectangle has length 15 cm and width 9 cm. A Calculate the world of the rectangle. B Use the decrease bound for every measurement and recalculate the world.

A May b November Use this bank card statement to reply questions 10 and eleven. Calculate future worth and present value utilizing the compound curiosity method. four Go to the internet site of a bank and use their online calculator to verify the present results for questions 1 to three.

10 The diagram shows a pool surrounded by an oblong paved space. B If paving prices $34.90/m2, or part thereof, calculate the value of paving the world surrounding the pool. eight A 3 m extensive path is placed around a circular pond that has a diameter of 6 m. Find the realm of the path right to 1 decimal place. WORKED EXAMPLE 5 Find the realm of this half annulus right to 1 decimal place. Is the future worth is the current value is the rate of interest per compounding interval, as a decimal is the variety of compounding periods.

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