Skull Fingerboards

Over the years we’ve additionally, silently, been cutting and constructing fingerboard parks for SORRY For Fingerboarding. For example, in 2018, we worked with Nash Jacquez, the owner of SORRY, to create an exact replica of The Berrics skate park. Since their inception, fingerboards have come a great distance.

This allows you to create new fingerboarding environments to check out different tricks and problem yourself to succeed in new heights. To make things thrilling, fingerboarders use ramps to do their tricks utilizing only their fingers and the boards. Like the fingerboards themselves, the ramps are also designed as miniature variations of real-life skateboarding ramps.

The set comes with five finger decks, two fingerboards and 5 silicone mats. You get many alternative components on this fingerboarding set, including ramps, instruments, boards, wheels and stickers. You can perform several completely different tricks with this set.

We have been within the business of building and promoting skate ramps for over 20 years. Throughout our decades of being within the industry we now [pii_pn_dcd09d91ed5a7648d547] have received a lot of requests for fingerboard ramps. Many fingerboarding units include sheets of stickers.

The goal for OC Ramps is to take care of the same quality and repair that we offer for our full scale, skateboard ramps to the fingerboard group. We additionally wished to be inventive with our designs and actually provide a few of our full scale products in a miniature scale. Some fingerboard ramps are multi-purpose and can be utilized for a number of finger toys, corresponding to finger bikes and finger scooters, in addition to fingerboards.

Since then, Blackriver has been the primary online store for fingerboarding gear. Whether it’s fingerboard ramps, fingerboards, wheels, vans, or particular equipment, we have every little thing you want, for every skill degree. Apart from our inhouse brands , we provide different top quality manufacturers corresponding to Flatface, Sorry, Dislocation, and Pop Decks. Established in 1999, Blackriver was the first producer of skilled wooden fingerboard obstacles on the earth. Our intention is to provide fingerboarders with professional obstacles and gear.

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