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These heroes may see a drop or improve of their ranks with any given replace. However a quantity of of them are easily interchangeable, particularly Yui, Tagitsu, Kofuki, Akira, and Suu. You guys can pick one of those 5 for now, or stick to Szk for one more cup. Sieglets are getting their very own stageplay so they’ll positively be the focus going ahead. The query stays whether they’ll give the identical treatment to Rinmeikan, Frontier, and even Seiran. It gives gems and different rewards based mostly on general troupe ranking.

Her excessive MDEF permits her to stand towards Phanana and Halloruko, while a 25k hp permits her to take some damage from Tamao and Futaba before dying as properly. Her Anthem neutralises Yachiyo and the ~5k DEF+MDEF barriers is basically a 10k hp buffer . Since Akira isn’t seen in legend, Michiru faces almost no nemesis and thus scoring an SS in meta. The girls are evaluated primarily based on 2 scales–the uncooked energy of the lady and the meta-relative relevance of the woman. Welcome to /r/RevueStarlight, a subreddit dedicated to the Bushiroad project Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight and the smartphone sport Starlight ReLIVE. Mobile users, please read the foundations by tapping the About tab.

Tsuruhime Yachiyo can inflict a ton of harm, however she can be fairly squishy, so that’s why she has to make use of some strong tanks to protect her as a lot as potential. Also, the truth that she is Grey element it implies that she additionally gets more harm, whereas dealing extra logitech gaming software not detecting g602. The RPG has an original story complete with stunning visuals, epic music, and a satisfying battle system. Revue Starlight Re Live is a mobile RPG developed by Ateam. Of course, every sport that’s similar to this one has its own share of overpowered heroes, and Revue Starlight Re Live is not any completely different.

When a bond stage goes up, you will receive rewards like Star Gems, particular items or stat increase. Once a stage girl reaches a sure degree , you probably can watch her bond story for extra Star Gems. You can get hold of items primarily from the Gacha, the Shop or from finishing the Assignments. If you have a look at the Panel on the left facet of the display, you will notice the element-weakness chart. If a stage lady panel has a WEAK label on prime, because of this the enemy is weak to this stage girl’s element. During each flip, you will see your stage lady ACT panels shown on the screen .

This will permit you to get hold of an extra 50 extra Star Gems. You will also be capable of ‘Skip’ the stage which lets you immediately full that stage without going via the entire battle. Revue Starlight Re Live is predicated on the anime, Revue Starlight, and the game is a continuation of the storyline from the anime. The goal of the sport is to beat stages of enemies with your very personal group of characters, every with their own abilities and playstyle. Tap “Auto” within the unit formation display to let the AI select one of the best characters and memoirs for you without exceeding the maximum total value if you are having hassle choosing the right staff earlier than battle.

You also can verify other recreation guides like Valkyrie Anatomia and Laplace M. Each element is robust and weak towards a sure kind of component. The component that is sturdy against a certain sort component will deal extra harm and take less damage. Basically the Laelaps Hounds, New Zeus Tendo, Fairy Futaba, Marie Antoinette Kaoruko, Diaochan are the strongest new models we have in game at present.

The primary supply of making your stage girls stronger is thru levelling them up, which you may find a way to achieve from experience points you acquire for using them in battle. Beyond that, you can even use lesson tickets, along with cash, that can immediately give your selected character with expertise points. There three rarity levels of tickets and various occasions and game modes to amass these tickets from. For greatest outcomes, be sure to prioritize your tanks in relation to levelling up as they take extra harm from battle than the relaxation of your team. Perhaps the more difficult aspect of enhancing your stage girls comes from potential bloom which ends up in ranking up the star level of the chosen character and boosts her stats dramatically. Doing this requires amassing the required variety of potential crystals, that are specific to every character and spending a sizable amount of cash as nicely.

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