Which Two Capabilities Are Performed By The Ospf Designated Router? Choose Two

Routers connect two or extra networks to form bigger internetworks. The routers should be configured to cross packets between two adjacent networks. The routers additionally ought to have the power to cross packets to networks that lie past the adjoining networks.

The correct reply to❝Which two capabilities are main features of a router? The result of ANDing any IP address with a subnet masks is a community quantity. If the source network quantity is the same as the vacation spot community quantity, the info stays on the native network. If the destination community quantity is completely different, the packet is shipped to the default gateway .

(Choose two.) Montgomery has Layer 2 connectivity with Cumberland. Brant, Fisherman, and Potomac are instantly connected to Montgomery. Communication inside a neighborhood network uses Address Resolution Protocol to obtain a MAC handle from a recognized IPv4 handle. A MAC address is needed to construct the body by which the packet is encapsulated. The cloud platform supplier aims to deal with the difficult labor market, which it views as the first impediment to companion …

The routing table shall be empty as a result of routes and dynamic routes haven’t been configured. Configure a static route on R1 using the IP address of the serial interface on R1. It is the administrative distance of the routing protocol. The two routers are linked on a multiaccess network. An administrator is trying to configure a router by copying and pasting the instructions which are shown within the exhibit. However, only one of many FastEthernet interfaces is developing.

Then we might add the ideas of the fee within the context of the total path, but that cost is nothing greater than the sum of all the costs to succeed in every hop within the path. Exterior Gateway Protocol — determines how routing info between two neighbor gateway hosts, every with its personal router, is exchanged. EGP is often ________ are the most commonly used species for animal research. used between hosts on the Internet to trade routing desk data. A wi-fi router works in the same way because the router in a hard-wired residence or business LAN, but allows greater mobility for pocket book or moveable computer systems.

The following determine shows the essential elements of a community topology. By default, Cisco routers can load stability up to 4 equal cost paths. The most number of equal cost paths is decided by the routing protocol and IOS version. Consider routers that have no much less than one power over ethernet port. PoE provides both data and electricity energy supply to external devices such as wireless entry points, VoIP telephones, IP and cameras. PoE eliminates cabling and supplies additional flexibility to your networks.

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